Hello, hello, I'm Zakk - a Videographer and Photographer based out of Nashville, TN. Originally from the wild and crazy state of Alabama, I moved to Nashville in the Summer of 2014 to pursue this wacky career and it has been a joyous ride ever since.
       Although, I enjoy photography both as an art and a science, my true love is film and video. This started at an early age when I began expressing myself with the likes of drawing and painting, next came music lessons and a special desire to craft and tell stories. This all came to a head with the advent of the internet and my realization that all of these artistic practices could accumulate into one solid "work" - a video, or film.
       My belief, and one of the major positives of film and video, is that it can be used to express many different ideas and concepts. ANY idea. All it takes is a little brainstorming.

**If you are interested in any type of project from me, whether it be video or photo related, just hop on over to the Contact page and shoot me a message, I will be glad to help out!
What I Offer

Motionography and Animation
Music Videos
Advertising and Commercials

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